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Looking to install or repair your gutters on your MD Home or business? Our professional commercial and residential gutter installation company, serving all of Maryland with integrity, efficiency, and unparalleled customer service for over 20 years. We are a fully licensed and insured company that offers some of the most competitive rates in our industry.

Whether you are looking to install a new gutter system, repair existing gutters, or service your gutters to extend their life expectancy, THI  Gutters and Roofing is ready and willing to earn your business today.

An Introduction to Gutters and Downspouts

Most people never notice their homes gutters and downspouts. But the gutters and downspouts play a critical role in the overall maintenance of your home or business.  One primary function of your gutters is to catch rain from the roof and drain it away from the foundation. Without home gutters, pools would form, yards would erode and Foundations would get moist. Water seeps into the property and into the underlying soil If left alone thousands of dollars in damage can result.

When properly installing gutters and downspouts on your MD home or business we need take into consideration the pitch and size of your roof, the characteristics and size of your lawn, parking lot or driveway, as well as the architecture and the layout of the entire property. A well-installed and efficient gutter system will attempt to stay unnoticed yet a functional structure from both an aesthetic as well as a maintenance perspective.

Gutters and downspouts come in several shapes, configurations, materials and even colors. Gutters can be seamless, sectional or come with or without leaf guards. Some gutters are made from aluminum, others from galvanized steel. Based on the substance, some gutters might be painted after installation, or gutters and downspouts may come in pre fabricated colors.

Several types of cosmetic gutters are additionally available on the market. Designs may include half-round gutters, hidden mounts, decorative hangers and shanks, as well as copper gutters. Most copper gutters are custom-made, with coatings to help prevent wear and patina.

Properly maintained gutters add to the worth and curb appeal of your property while keeping your homes free from erosion, water damage, cracked foundations and dry rot. The installation of properly installed  gutters and downspouts is a property investment well worth taking.

Why Use Our Gutter Installers?

  1. Our team of highly trained professional gutter installers prides themselves on punctual and precise service recognizing that our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority.
  2. We provide free upfront estimates. Before any work is started, we provide you with an accurate gutter installation or cleaning estimate. Furthermore, we guarantee the best price in Maryland
  3. We provide the best local warranties up to 20 years on all gutter materials. 
  4. We’re on time. We understand that you’re busy; therefore, we put an emphasis on punctuality. If we say 9:00am, we’ll be there.

Learn more about our professional gutter repair and installation services and high quality guttering products that we provide. We look forward to designing a custom gutter solution to fit your MD commercial or residential needs.

Let us show you why THI Home Pro Gutters should be your first choice for a local based gutter company in Maryland call us today!

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