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Chimney Leak Repair

Chimney Leak Repairs - Flashing Repairs - Chimney Caps Installed

chimney leak repair  One particular area we commonly identify rook leakages is in and around your homes chimney

The change of seasons we no can be a wonderful thing and yet not so much with respect to your chimney stacks water repelling capability. The heat of the summer months and the cold weather of the winter months can take their toll on your chimneys flashing in order to retain the capability to reflect the water from your home.

We typically find the majority of chimneys that leak will most likely have to have updated higher quality flashing installed and this involves removing the old roof shingles circling the chimney and all of the worn out flashing and install a new and up do date flashing so once that's attached we caulk all the locations which need it and then replace the roof shingles bordering the chimney. As soon as this is executed by our roof leak expert the chimney will definitely possess the ability to repel any water that appears on the roof covering all around the chimney.

In the case that you find you have a chimney leak simply give us a call today and let our roof leak repair experts assess your particular chimney flashing and or sealing needs.