Skylight Leak Repair / Replacement


We Repair Leaky Skylights & Replace Them In Virginia Include:

A skylight is a spectacular roofing element. Throughout the day it enables natural light to light up a living space and also provides a perfect view of the stars in the late night. In the event that it is slightly opened up, it additionally is great for air flow, making it possible for refreshing air inside and naturally lowering your residential property or local business living temperature. Despite these particular features, a skylight can possibly end up being the source of a serious water leak.

Due to the fact that a skylight is actually a separate device from your roof structure and is built utilizing many different materials, this can lead to many problems which in turn, if not rapidly fixed, can certainly cause a roofing system to deteriorate quickly.

 • Poor Insulation - During cold weather, small droplets coming from a skylight does not always mean leaking; often times it is simply indoor moisture condensation against a cold glass pane. The reason this happens is often due to a lack of insulation. Even though the moisture is not from the outside, it can still cause damage.
 • Loose Flashing - The body for this particular characteristic is normally sealed to the surrounding roofing materials using thin metal sections called flashing which is secured with a sealant. Even though this is the proper building material for the job, constant exposure to the weather conditions can cause it to loosen and allow water to leak in.
• Poor Glass Seal - This transparent, glass material is seated and sealed to the frame using rubber-like seals; however, most of these products turn brittle over time due to constant exposure to the sun. Eventually, it can form cracks and become a source of water leaks.
 • Thermal Shock - A roof can expand when subjected to heat, which is known as thermal expansion. Because the skylight and frame are made from a different material than the roof, it will expand differently than the rest of the structure. The difference in this movement can cause gaps to form usually around the flashing, often leading to severe leaks.
Leakage Testing.
If there are leaks before making any type of repairs since condensation can mimic a leak and repairs would be different, it is important to determine. Water could appear to be coming from the skylight when it is actually coming from another spot. Skylight Leak Tests should be performed to validate and eliminate other possibilities.
Any tests should be done during warmer weather so the roof is not slippery and dry. Take a hose up to the roof and run water from above the skylight so that all the flashing is soaked; then observe the underside for leaks. Any water below indicates a problem with the flashing. Next, run water directly over the glass. If water comes through gaps between the glass and framing, this means there is a glass seal problem.
Repair Procedures.
The approach towards skylight repair on your Virginia home or business depends on what is causing the leak.
 • Condensation - The best way to fix this issue is by injecting insulation foam into the space around the frame to prevent cold temperatures from causing this problem.
 • Loose Flashing - First determine what has caused the flashing to loosen; is it from poor sealant, strong winds, or thermal shock. If sealant is the problem, then repairing it is simply a matter of reinstalling a durable sealant; for either of the other two issues, a professional roofer should be contacted since the problem could be in the roof itself.
 • Glass Seal - This problem can be easily remedied by replacing the cracking seal with a silicone based one which has better resistance to brittleness and provides a better seal.
 • Frame - This component should also be examined for any problems such as gaps or a cracked, brittle or loose rubber seal.
In conclusion, repairing leakages caused by damaged skylights can be easily repaired. It is just a matter of locating the source and patching it. When you have a leaky skylight reach out to your local area roof repair expert they are equipped to tackle the repair service of any type of leaking skylight.

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